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I’ve got a little more new work to share.  I’m starting a new project as we speak- I’m finally going to try and tackle another carousel book, a big project for me, but we’ll talk about that later.  First, let me tell you all about the show I participated in for the last First Friday.

Drink Philly opened up their office for the first time as a gallery space and invited the public in for beer sampling and pretty pictures.  It was a little bit of a melting pot show with a couple of fine art painters (Megan Coonelly and Brit Miller) and a photographer (Jimmy Lin) and two illustrators (April Kuhn and myself).  It went over really great, was massively attended (see below), and was a lot of fun!

Hopefully we’ll be working with them again and participating in more shows in their space.  It also served as great motivation for me who, post-college, has been having a lot of trouble getting my act together.

And here are the two new pieces I created for the show.  I used the same techniques as I did in my last post (that piece was also in the show).  It’s very involved and not totally practical, but I think the effect is really interesting and it also serves as a tool to get me more into the project (I love cutting and pasting and playing with paper!)

Because I’m so proud of it, here’s the drawing construct first:

At the time, because the drawing/cutouts/shadows were relatively complex I kept the colors pretty simple…  Looking at it now, I kind of want to either redo the piece, or go back in and spend some more time with the painting aspect.  We’ll see….

And here’s the other piece that I did, which turned out to be my favorite.. even though it had the most involved and annoying process.  I ended up drawing everything on different layers of layout bond, which I photographed separately and digitally composed (because layout bond is too thin to make the 3D constructs out of- hence the annoying rippling that I encountered in the first piece), then I printed the drawings, drew back over them to get good, thick, textured lines, and then I cut, composed, and took the final photos.  A lot of fuss, but I think totally worth it because I kind of love how it came out.

It’s definitely the best 3D effect I’ve gotten so far- and it carried through really well to the final product.  Probably has a lot to do with the nature of the drawing, the fact that it’s kind of in an empty space (no real perspective to deal with), but this is still a learning process so we’ll have to see what interesting new road blocks I run into with the next piece!

Thanks for looking, and the next time I’m in a show, maybe I’ll actually give some notice, invite some people, and we can bust the seams out of that gallery!


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here’s another assignment:

it’s a little one page comic about the time that april and i watched a bus burst into flames on broad street.

luckily everyone had safely evacuated and grabbed their shit, so we could all rubber neck secure in knowing that the bus was the only one that got hurt.

p.s. i finally successfully submitted to gigposters!  sure took me long enough to get my shit together.

matt, if i can ever get the motivation to scan the print of my spoon poster, i’ll totally submit that too- but for now can this make up for that promise i didn’t keep last semester?

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alrighty then (done)

i think this is my favourite of my spots that i’ve finished- this is probably just because it is the most recent.  but i really do love it.

jeremy, looking hot (literally):

seriously, i felt over-heated just working on this, and it’s not because my house is stuffy and lacks proper circulation.


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i didn’t post a drawing stage of this one because when i looked at it, it looked kind of freakish and scary.. but i could see how working over it would make it look more true to what i originally imagined.  so i held out- and i was right.

this is my little picture of adge:

it’s not quite as close of a resemblance as i’ve been going for- but it’s got that snarky, cheeky grin that she’s so good at which, i think, redeems it at least a little.

p.s.  will i ever post at a sane hour again???  no.

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alrighty then,

a portrait of jeremy…  an african priestess in the extravagant stage production that is his imagination:

originally i was going to go a lot more vegas (or even disney princess) with it- but earlier yesterday we were talking about and then i ended up watching ace ventura: call of the wild (…shut up), and this happened instead.

right now it looks a little more pocahontas than i want (wow, that just sounded really awful), but i think more indicative color will help it look more south saharan than south western.

… you know, sometimes when jeremy and i talk, i wonder if we really are bad people… but i’m just not going to dwell on that right now.

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photo opportunity

oh god, i’m calling this done because i can’t stand to work on it any longer.  i’ve been trying to make it look just how i want for the past hour to no avail- so i’m just going to leave it because i know it’s fine, i’ve just come to resent it and therefor no matter how long i work on it, it will never be perfectly right.

i hate it when that happens.

now after that confidence inspiring introduction, here is the finished picture of that adorable couple in the park:

ok, i take it back, i don’t totally resent it.  i just realized that even though i usually do pieces with a minimum of two to three people in them, recently i’ve only been doing portrait type pictures focusing on one person (which i guess just made more sense in my head for the summer spots assignment).  so now i’m out of the habit and frustrated by more than one person having to look like they exist in the same space.

that was really the problem- which i created by drawing the guy on a different type of paper and pasting him in- getting the atmosphere to look the same on both of them was so hard.

but whatever, it’s done, it’s cute.  moving on.

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south western, now boarding

i finished my poor drunken cowboy:

on a tangentially related note: i’m super excited about the newly opened dick blick store in center city. i’ve never had one of those before, and we all kind of had a minor freak out when we walked in.

it’s huge, well stocked and organized, and confusingly inexpensive. also- open til 8pm, a ridiculously helpful fact that utrecht was so mind-bogglingly unable to grasp.

it’s makes me feel like such a country mouse, but i’m just so excited to have a big shiny new store to spend my money in. wanted to share.

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