Bitter Sweets

I’ll make a more inclusive post soon- but I just wanted to get this up while it’s still fresh.  Last friday I was in a show with three of my best friends (April Kuhn, Jeremy Goodfellow, and Linnea Vegh)

We showed with Drink Philly for another First Friday, but this time it felt a little more important because it was just the four of us and the show went over amazing!  The atmosphere was great, it was loud and crowded and exciting, I’m so proud of us!

Like I said, there will be plenty more pictures (maybe even some process shots), but for now, here are some great shots my sister snapped , and a little teaser.

Keep and eye out for the rest of my labels!

For now, I’m going to go continue to catch up on sleep.  Yes it’s been three whole days and I’m still back-logged.  I require a lot of beauty sleep.


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