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on an unrelated note

I recently finished a couple of things that I had started ages ago (one of which being over a year old..)
First, a failed tattoo design: if it were possible to have anything you want in any color, design, or size- I would have this:

Wishful tattoo thinking unfortunately (the size this would have to be is a little more of an investment than I’m ready for at this point in my tattoo life)

So instead I ended up having something a little more traditional done- still a small homage to my family’s pennsylvania dutch roots.

And Second, another piece for a little show.  Megan, who showed at Drink Philly last month, organized the Melt show (the theme of food, by any interpretation of the imagination).  This piece was something that I had started right after I graduated (when I was still trying to force myself to stay artistically active, before I had my spirit broken..) and by luck it fit the theme- so I took a minute to sit down and finally finish the thing.

I think it came out alright- and by alright, I mean awesome.

I’ve got another show coming up in the fall- so keep an eye out for some fun in-progress updates and book makings.. should be interesting!


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