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new work!!!

took me long enough….

tried a new approach this time around- i like cutting out and building stuff :]

started out  with a flat sketch.. by the time i had figured out all the layers and overlapping parts it was mighty confusing, but i figured it apart onto separate layers of layout bond and then used my bookarts prowess and made a little cut-out diorama (similar to how i would construct a carousel book).  i used a shoebox and everything!  the photo above was a test shot… obviously this technique will require some further tweaking in future projects…

my one major disappointment was that once i started to add the flat colors it lost a lot of the really cool 3D effect from the layers and photography :/

but i think the final made a lovely comeback, and i totally love it!  again, i’m going to be doing some major tweaking and experimentation with my next project- i don’t like the wobbly lines (a product of the paper buckling when i tried to avoid having to actually crease it…)

so we’ll see where this goes- maybe i should just make a whole book next time!  (that might be a lot bit of a project for me right now- being all rusty as i am- but we’ll see)

thanks for looking!!  i promise to update again soon (i actually have to now or april will kick my ass!)



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