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here’s a little character study i did for a comic project i’m working on for christine.  there’s one other character in it- but i’m not crazy about the drawing of him, he looks so much more stuffy and snarky-type gay than i meant for him to.


this is kevin- the picure doesn’t say much about him- but the comic is taking place in a good part of his timeline, so he’s just standing in as a superficial character.  i have a few short stories about him, things don’t always go well for him.  actually, things don’t really go well in the comic- but it’s not a tragedy or anything.   there’s ice cream.


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deep roots

oh man, i don’t know how i forgot to post this!

i’m in love with my pattern- i plan to use it for the end pages of my portfolio and maybe for wrapping paper or in future hand-made books.


isn’t it cute??

(sorry to post at such an overwhleming size- but i love it)

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the secret ingredient

hey blog,

here ‘s my final submission for the portfolio day mailer.  it wasn’t chosen- but i get why, and it doesn’t change how much i like the piece- which is a lot.  this was just a really nice piece to just bang out over two days, it went incredibly fast, and i’m really happy with how it came out.  the problem fundamentally is that the piece doesn’t work without the incredibly cheesy tagline (looking for that secret ingredient?), so better to just drop it and have a good piece without a lot of concept.

i’m ok with not being generic enough to speak for an entire senior class of illustrators- i’m big on selective humor, not everybody needs to get what i’m doing, or find it funny.  but i know there’s someone out there who can relate.

seriously, i don’t know about you- but this exactly what happens everytime i set foot in the kitchen:


literally, i look at the stove and the smoke detector goes off.

oh and about that secret ingredient- it doesn’t exist.

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