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a little anxious for spring

it’s true- i am.  not that i don’t love the bitter cold or anything, but no really, i am not ready for the single digits tomorrow night that i am going to have to bike home from work in.

another page from my little sketchbook, that i did when i was particularly nostalgic for the warm.


did i mention that i’m really not into the whole school being closed on monday thing.  i know it’s an important holiday, and i appreciate that it pushes class back a day- but i really need to get in that building!  i’ve gotten to the point where almost everything i need to do has to happen at school.

i don’t really have space to work full size at home, and i definitely don’t have an old Vandercook printing press hanging around.

damn break is no break at all.


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oh! i meant to post this back when i did it, you know, months ago- but that was during one of my distracted phases.

these are some likenesses that i did for a stamp project- they are my favourite npr personalities: terry gross, dan savage, and ira glass


this is actually one of the few pieces from this past semester that i was really into and was really proud of right when i finished them.  i think that was because i did it back near the beginning of the semester, back when i really liked what i was doing.

but i have high hopes for this next semester, and am very optimistic.

i’ve been trying to get my head back in the right place, and i’m getting really close.  now i just need to work on this internet fixation i have- it is just so distracting.

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bitches in tokyo

here’s a little study i did for the mer-shark in my third ely:


she lures men in with her tits, then sinks their boat and eats them.

also, she’s asian- for no discernable reason.

(p.s. the title is a song by stars, the band whose poster she’s on- it just seemed so appropriate)

oh, and on the subject of the ely, the only reason i haven’t posted anything on them yet is because there are so many revisions that it seems too redundant to post them before they’re finally done.  but by the end of break i should be totally done with the images for 1 and 2, so i’ll at least throw those up, pre-type.

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on my honor

not feeling so well, so i’m bumming around in front of the computer- here’s another sketch i did recently:


… how is it that i was never sick to my stomach? – for thirteen years!  and now it keeps happening rapid fire.  this last christmas break of my mine definitely gets the prize for being the most awful and disgusting.

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clinically clumsy

i spent the other day reprinting my book in the borowsky center with lori- which turned out pretty great and was actually a fun way to spend a day of break- plus all the down time between colors and cleanings gave me a chance to do some drawings for megan (which is very important because one of my many resolutions for this coming semester is to be less of a disappointment to her)

so this is a little illustration of how i feel every time i’m working in the borowsky center:


… like a total clutz.

one of my other resolutions is to do more work that i really like, slash am proud of, and therefor will not be too embarrassed to post here.  so in a  roundabout way i have resolved to neglect my blog less.

plus i think keeping a better dialogue with myself will help keep things in perspective; cause near the end of the semester it was really difficult to get a sense of the big picture, and i felt like i was running my portfolio into the ground.

so over break i’ll keep posting little updates from my sketchbook, and once i fixed up projects from last semester that were either unfinished or that i hated- i’ll slap them up here too.

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