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here’s another assignment:

it’s a little one page comic about the time that april and i watched a bus burst into flames on broad street.

luckily everyone had safely evacuated and grabbed their shit, so we could all rubber neck secure in knowing that the bus was the only one that got hurt.

p.s. i finally successfully submitted to gigposters!  sure took me long enough to get my shit together.

matt, if i can ever get the motivation to scan the print of my spoon poster, i’ll totally submit that too- but for now can this make up for that promise i didn’t keep last semester?


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places like this

hey blog, long time no post.  i missed you.

i don’t get much of a chance to do anything besides eat, sleep and work right now (and even the sleeping part is spotty), but i don’t want to totally neglect you.

here’s one of my recent homework pieces that i’m pretty proud of: pretty self-explanatory, a poster for one of my consistently favourite bands.

p.s. i do read and appreciate all of your lovely comments (especially you dani, oh how i misses you), i’m just to dumb to figure out how to reply to them proper.  i’ll get on that.

p.p.s i’m sure you’ve all heard about this awful Orphan Works Act stuff, but if you haven’t- go here and take a couple of minutes to make sure that we can all keep our blogs without google hawking everything we post.

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