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i didn’t post a drawing stage of this one because when i looked at it, it looked kind of freakish and scary.. but i could see how working over it would make it look more true to what i originally imagined.  so i held out- and i was right.

this is my little picture of adge:

it’s not quite as close of a resemblance as i’ve been going for- but it’s got that snarky, cheeky grin that she’s so good at which, i think, redeems it at least a little.

p.s.  will i ever post at a sane hour again???  no.


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alrighty then,

a portrait of jeremy…  an african priestess in the extravagant stage production that is his imagination:

originally i was going to go a lot more vegas (or even disney princess) with it- but earlier yesterday we were talking about and then i ended up watching ace ventura: call of the wild (…shut up), and this happened instead.

right now it looks a little more pocahontas than i want (wow, that just sounded really awful), but i think more indicative color will help it look more south saharan than south western.

… you know, sometimes when jeremy and i talk, i wonder if we really are bad people… but i’m just not going to dwell on that right now.

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photo opportunity

oh god, i’m calling this done because i can’t stand to work on it any longer.  i’ve been trying to make it look just how i want for the past hour to no avail- so i’m just going to leave it because i know it’s fine, i’ve just come to resent it and therefor no matter how long i work on it, it will never be perfectly right.

i hate it when that happens.

now after that confidence inspiring introduction, here is the finished picture of that adorable couple in the park:

ok, i take it back, i don’t totally resent it.  i just realized that even though i usually do pieces with a minimum of two to three people in them, recently i’ve only been doing portrait type pictures focusing on one person (which i guess just made more sense in my head for the summer spots assignment).  so now i’m out of the habit and frustrated by more than one person having to look like they exist in the same space.

that was really the problem- which i created by drawing the guy on a different type of paper and pasting him in- getting the atmosphere to look the same on both of them was so hard.

but whatever, it’s done, it’s cute.  moving on.

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south western, now boarding

i finished my poor drunken cowboy:

on a tangentially related note: i’m super excited about the newly opened dick blick store in center city. i’ve never had one of those before, and we all kind of had a minor freak out when we walked in.

it’s huge, well stocked and organized, and confusingly inexpensive. also- open til 8pm, a ridiculously helpful fact that utrecht was so mind-bogglingly unable to grasp.

it’s makes me feel like such a country mouse, but i’m just so excited to have a big shiny new store to spend my money in. wanted to share.

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South Western

so, when i flew home to pittsburgh, there was a very intoxicated cowboy in my terminal. he was dragged there by a bunch of cops (one arrived on a segway) who kept asking him how he got into the restricted area that they found him in, and how he got the bottle of whatever he had in a little paper bag through the security checkpoint.

he was so embarrassed, and i actually felt kind of bad for him.

he tried to explain by saying how he was “so TERRIFIED, so afraid of flying”.

when he flopped down in one of the chairs while they decided what to do with him, he dropped his hat and put his head in his hands to wait. he was so red in the face and he kept asking if he could just leave- “i don’t want any trouble, i just wanna go home.”

i don’t know if he was actually charged with anything, but i think they were talking about booking him as they led him away. i was really kind of touched by just how embarrassed and visibly ashamed he was- at one point he looked like he was going to cry.

so i drew a picture of him:

it was just kind of a shitty situation for him..

and pretty interesting for me to see such an icon of masculinity so visibly upset.

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skinned elbows and flat tires

i’m still in pittsburgh until tonight, and right now i’m hanging out in my dad’s office doing work with him. definitely better that i’m here in town than at home being distracted by the digital cable and HDtv.

so here’s the finished picture of linnea mid-crash-landing:

she’s so graceful.

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another ‘finally’. i started this ages ago when i went to washington square with april and steve.

they were just about the cutest couple i’d ever seen in public. the girl was reading some fashion magazine pretending to ignore her boyfriend who was so fidgety and could not sit still. he got so bored he took out his digital camera and just started taking random pictures- a lot of them were of his girlfriend when he thought she wasn’t looking.


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