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this isn’t much of an update- but it’s something.

this is a card for my grandmother’s birthday:

i tried to do a little more than just draw her a picture since i haven’t seen her in so long (and i will probably be the only granddaughter to not see her at all this weekend), so i wanted it to be real cute and special. the top is the outside of the card, and underneath is the inside (just to be clear). the only thing i really didn’t design for is the fact that the other signatures (of my sister and cousin) will probably be visible through the window. it’s not a big deal, but bothers me a little. i did the whole thing last night, so i just jumped into the idea of cutting out the window with very little preliminary planning. but whatever, it’s cute.

the tufted titmouse is a bird native to central pa, and they’re real curious about everybody’s business, so it seemed appropriately precious. and oliver wendell holmes makes a cameo as well.

that’s all for now- i have several drawings in the works, but this week has been really distracting for me. and i still need to finish getting my life, and by life i mean room, back in order so that i can have a space to work in and am not cluttering or having to deal with the clutter of the rest of the house. which is really important since i have a lot to do still before the fall.

i really just need to get used to the fact that work has cut into and is now occupying the time that i used to use to putz. now i have no putzing time; this is something i need to accept.


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