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slow going

in reality, summer is rushing by. i can’t believe it’s already the end of june, and i haven’t done ANYTHING. i want to, but working again means less time for hanging out, which means as soon as i get out of work i’m at somebody’s house, and i don’t come home until really late: any time left after that is spent unproductively on the internet. it’s a vicious cycle.

in an attempt to kill, or at least harm the cycle, i did a little doodling today.

it’s me, or at least it was supposed to be. i started to rush near the end because i’m going out to support april at the bar pretty soon and i wanted to finish in time. that means i started automatic drawing, and i think it ended up looking less self-representative than i meant for it to. oh well, practice.

july will be a month of much more drawing.


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rewind a little

on labor day i took an impromptu trip to new jersey to visit april, we built a small kettle grill and had a miniature cook-out. i had been complaining to myself about how much i wanted something grilled all day- ever since the weather turned warm all of south philly has been one big cook out, and the smell is tormenting sometimes.

so it was really fun to just pick up and go to jersey and grill some meat.

then april and i took a long bike ride around her town and the surrounding areas looking for playgrounds with good swing sets. the best by far was a huge wooden playground about a mile from her house, it was enormous, and still had a really awesome tire swing.

we completely tuckered ourselves out running around- like little kids.

the next day, her mom employed us to plant some flowers.

it was really fun to get outside and dig around in the dirt, play with the hose, and watch the carpenter bees (which are a riot). they couldn’t be bothered with us or our hose they just lazily buzzed around, fighting with each other and the bumble bees, and taking cover if we hit them with water. as someone who is actually a little afraid of being stung by bees (really the only bug that i would run away from, but only if they come after me first), i was amazed by the fact that they only wanted to inspect us at most, they only messed with each other.

it was an amazing weekend (even though it was actually monday and tuesday- whatever), it really felt like what i wish summer could always be, you know, without the part where it gets inexplicably hot in the city. case in point, i’m laying on my floor having finally caved in and installed the window AC unit, and i’m starving, but i don’t want to leave my room because the second that i open the door i’ll be hit with a 30lb wall of humidity and heat. no thank you.

oh, and i’ve spent my entire day waiting for the UPS man, because on the slip he left he checked off that he would attempt to re-deliver today between 10 and 5. thanks for being so specific and narrowing it down for me UPS, i hate you.


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only the good die young

radio silence- i told myself i wouldn’t let it happen. unfortunately i’ve been very busy (but not with a job like i should be) with flitting around, helping just about everyone move, and sweating a whole lot.

this is an old drawing that i still think is funny (to fill the void)

as soon as i can find some me time, i’ll tell you all about cook outs, jersey, and the perils of moving.

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