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death in the afternoon, done:

i finished more quickly than i thought i would:

as a rule, i’ve decided to just quit when i get to that point with a piece when i just don’t know what to do next. overworking ruins a lot of pieces, and i’ve had trouble with that in the past. so, no more! i resolve.

plus, the model approves.

on to the next thing!


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death in the afternoon:

this is my progress on a picture i started yesterday in a graveyard, that may potentially be one of the illustrations that was assigned for the summer:


i’m still a little steamed over that assignment- not because it’s homework over summer break, i’m already resigned to having the word ‘break’ lose meaning in my vocabulary, i’m annoyed because no one actually assigned it to me, but i would still be penalized if i didn’t do it.  i guess the sequential format teacher was the only one told about it, but i wasn’t in that class.  fortunately, because my friends and i, you know, we talk, i found out about it.

but i’m trying not to focus on the fact that i need to be doing finished works for that assignment- i’m just going to use that as a motivator in the back of my mind, and then whichever pieces end up fitting well together, i’ll use for that.  although i’m not going to have a huge body of work to select from since i need to be working on the content for book production also.


anyway, all that’s left to do now for this piece is decide the degree of painting i want to go back in a do, and then do it.  it’ll be something along the lines of my touristy picture, but i think i want to do a little more work with color in the painting (as opposed to just value) since i’m still experimenting with this process.  i am going to try and stick to the color family that i’ve already got though- i’m going for a muggy summer day feeling.

oh, and it’s april again- being skeptical and discerning in her sketches.
so, i’ll work on that some more tonight- hopefully finish it.  but right now, laundry!

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may flowers:

this is my impression of april as she works on her sister’s wedding invitation:

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mermaids and missed connections:

i finally scanned my prints from lori’s class,  yay.

first, a cmyk screenprint:

not an especially important image, i just got the idea from the belle and sebastian song, get me away from here i’m dying.  if you haven’t heard it, i really love it and recommend it, and if you have heard it, i think the image might make total sense.

next is my first lithography:

i posted the sketch of it earlier, this is the full color final.  it’s two lithography plates (blue and brown colors) with the spot screen print colors underneath.  and it was my first time doing plate lithography, so i’m really pleased with how it came out, even though it’s not totally perfect.

last, is my final project, which is also lithography:

and i also posted the sketch for this one previously, and it’s the exact same process as my previous print (except that i didn’t use the photo collage in the original image, and the screenprinting was done post lithos- meaning registration was a breeze).  i still just really like the concept in this one, the one that i added completely after the fact.

i love how she’s so spacey.  reminds me of people that i know.

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so, instead of cleaning up my life, i decided to get my website off the ground today.

the thing is almost totally outdated at this point- but at least it’s live. i want to tentatively resolve to update or redo it over the summer- but on one hand i imagine that i might not have time, and we’re also assigned to design a website as a senior (so i’m just going to have to do it again anyway)

in any event, check it out.

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on a side note, i did update two of my pieces for zina’s class:

i decided to make the changes that i did because a). i wanted wrath and mercy to match better, like the sister pieces that they are, and b). i had saved an in-progress version of my self portrait and when i looked back at it, i realized that i liked it so much better when it was more simple.

that’s all.

tomorrow, i clean my room and scan all of my prints so that i can file them away under a semester well done and move on to some summer work.

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another final project:

this is, unofficially, the final project that i did for matt. (not including my one day assignment which i had to redo so that it was actually all done in one day)

i posted the sketch for it earlier- and this would be the final drawing that came of it.

no, i don’t know what they’re looking at. i decided to leave it out- partially to be annoying, partially just because it doesn’t have to be there. this picture doesn’t really mean anything- which i think is part of the reason i enjoyed doing it so much. and, unlike other pieces, i didn’t even bother to insert a concept afterwards. it just is.

if i have to explain it- i will say this. they’re in philly, obviously they’re sight seeing. if you’re real quick, you can tell from the setting that they’re actually in a specifically touristy spot.

it was kind of a throw away assignment, because matt decided, basically at the last minute of the semester, that our class would benefit from some forced life drawing. actual life, not naked posed life, which is why he sent us out into the world for our second to last class.

and he actually admitted, offhandedly, during my final crit, that i was not a part of that pool of students he had been thinking of when creating the assignment, which for a split second fueled my indignance over the project (i think i already complained about the various reasons why i didn’t really have fun that day) but those feelings immediately died when i remembered how much i like this piece.

i think it would, in fact, be safe to say that it is my favourite piece from matt’s class this semester. i don’t know if he would like to hear that or not, but it’s the truth.

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