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this is the nearly final version of my poster for the spoon show in pittsburgh:

i say nearly because this is the final color composition in photoshop- which will then provide the stencils for the screen-printed final project.   which i guess i’m printing tomorrow.

hopefully i can do it all in one night- it’s only 5 colors (unlike my last screen print for matt which was 11 colors and a bad idea.  it’s hard to maintain quality control when it takes a week straight of printing during every free moment to just barely finish.  oh and i also did two colors of letterpress on it because i’m an idiot.)  i foresee this printing going much better and actually being enjoyable, because i do find the process of screen printing to be very relaxing when i haven’t made it stupidly hard for myself.

when i do that art dump i mentioned before, i’ll scan this one too- because it will look so much better with the texture of being a physical object.  srsly.


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some sketches:

for matt’s class today we went trolling around the city on our own to do some life drawing. which was cool and all, but i ended up trapped in a large group of people that refused to split into more manageable teams, so i feel like i didn’t get as much work done as i would have liked because i was being pulled along at a pace that i wasn’t really into.

that aside, here are my more final sketches:

then, from the sketches i had been doing, i got a new idea for my final assignment for zina. because so many of us were struggling with the postcard assignment (a postcard being sent from a non-physical place. i’m going to throw it out there: i stayed up the entire night before the sketch was due wracking my brain and getting nothing visual that wasn’t ridiculously stupid (in my opinion). seriously, at 4’30 in the morning i just started bawling from frustration. p.s. despite outward appearance, i’m actually kind of a cry-baby. not gonna lie). anyway, because so few people actually arrived to class with sketches, zina (in her infinite kindness) offered us an alternative, allowing us to do the self portrait that had been originally planned as the final project.

the idea being to start and end with a self-portrait and observe the growth in between.

my idea, isn’t really visually linked, but it follows conceptually. my first self-portrait, the potato, was all about feeling very strongly about my roots and being uprooted. so the idea for this piece is an observation of my new plot- a typical philly street. with me observing from a slightly detached position (since i haven’t quite dug in yet, but i m starting to feel at home)

that’s all for now~

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final and sketch:

oh, i am getting so behind.

p.s. there will be a big art dump at the end of the semester when i bring all of my prints home from lori’s class and finally scan them.

first, here is the final for frances gabe:

i think this might be the only final for zina’s class so far that i am personally satisfied enough with that i don’t want to make any changes for the final. originally i had type sitting on top, but it didn’t look very good- nobody seemed very moved by it, so i scrapped it.

and second, is the sketch for my taget market assignment for matt.

i’m going to screen print a poster for the spoon show a couple weeks ago at the carnegie music hall in pittsburgh. rather than do anything smart or conceptual- i just went with cute:

for this assignment we also e-mailed illustrators for a short interview- i shot an email to danny gibson of djg designs. he was super cool, it took him about a week to finally reply to the interview questions, but in the interim we had a really nice dialogue. he was super friendly.

humorously, the one night he e-mailed me to tell me that he was really sorry he didn’t finish the interview because he had had a chance to see spoon for free. in my head, i’m thinking, that’s really funny because i’m using spoon for my final poster.

i also really liked talking to him, because while he was answering these sort of stock questions that i had come up with, he was also dispensing invaluable advice on being an artist and sticking with it. i don’t know if i had somehow written my questions in a desperate way, but it really felt like he knew that i need some cheering up and encouragement.

so i’m going to send him a card in the mail that i screen printed, because i want him to know how much i really appreciated talking to him.

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frances gabe:

here is my final sketch of frances gabe: the inventor of the self cleaning house.

isn’t she just precious?

the coloring to follow will be minimal, since i’m very partial to how the drawing looks on its own.  i’ll have to experiment.

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the science of sexual identity:

an illustration for an article of the same name. it’s about the nature versus nurture aspects of the issue; this specifically addressing our need to categorize and contain.

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