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posthumous portraits:

here is my sketch for zina’s latest assignment:

the idea is to somehow do a portrait inspired by the obituaries of very interesting people. i chose frances gabe, who converted her house to clean itself. no really: it’s true

so this is just kind of a straight up portrait- something that might accompany an editorial about her life, full page across from the article. couldn’t really think of anything more engaging than that.. yeah. but i also just kind of wanted to do something very straightforward, practice doing a good likeness (i don’t think it’s quite there yet, will need another round of sketching)

hopefully i actually get to show this to the class tomorrow, i don’t feel very well right now, but i should stick it out since i effing love zina’s class.



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city mouse and the country mouse:

this is my drawing for lori, eventually it will end up as a screen print- i’m not exactly sure how that’s going to go yet, but rest assured that it will be cool. the interior of their clothes is going to be filled with collaged images of the city and the woods. i don’t mean for it to be- but it seems like this is a recurring theme.

more on that soon..

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here are two finishs that i did this week.

first, zina’s assignment. this is the colored version of Mercy.

as a class we agreed that the layout still needs work. i still don’t think his thought process is super clear. but for the record he is supposed to be a huge jerk- so i don’t want any redrawing to change that aspect. he’s not holding back because of regret, or because he loves her- it’s more along the lines of, oh wait- this is bad. i just don’t think the action is very clear (better than before, but no perfect)

ideally, i would have to redraw the entire thing to get it exactly how i want. if i were doing that i would give the girl a little bit of indignance near the end. she’s supposed to be displaying mercy as well, by letting him leave- because you know, she could totally take him. she’s got a good thirty pounds on him. but, as it stands now, it just makes her look like a more weaker kind of passive which i don’t like so much.

but that’s it for now.

second, is my final book cover for matt.

zina mentioned something about using a corduroy or denim pattern (since the story comes from that book and it would be kind of cool) but i played around with it and didn’t get anything good. so i was predictable, using some magazine scans to give it a little density. i did stick with a color scheme that reminds me of those things, denim blue, brown corduroys, whatever.

it went over very well in the crit, with some minor nit pick changes- which have already been applied to this version. i also played with the colors a bit, for my own piece of mind. before it was much bluer- but i think i like it more on the brown side, with just the blue light coming from the television.

p.s. all the title type is hand drawn. it looks much better full size- you can see the pencil lines, but i also like that at this scale it looks very well integrated with the other type which is all generated in illustrator.

that’s all for now- maybe some sketches for lori later (god willing)

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self portrait:

going back into old work, periodically, this is the first assignment for zina’s workshop class.  it’s a self portrait: yawn, bore, but zina makes everything fun, which makes this my favourite self-portrait that i’ve ever done.

several points of  explanation:

  • i am lazy, you know, couch potatoes… (lame)
  • i feel very strongly about roots, digging into the places i’ve lived (even if i can’t seem to maintain many strong relationships with the people i left there)
  • on that same note, i often feel uprooted.
  • potatoes are rarely a main dish- i rarely feel like a main dish.  (the exception being in pennsylvania dutch cooking, so maybe i never really feel like i’m main-stage except when i’m at home or with my family) ((aw, precious))

also, i’m just really sick of drawing my face.

plus, i’m really into root vegetables, even though i don’t like to eat them.

they just look so darn cool.  silent things reaching out to the world with many small arms.  it’s just kind of neat.

ok, i’m done now.

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Wrap Book Jacket:

for the assignment we are pretending that our short story of choice is actually a full length novel, sizing the jacket accordingly. i chose Full House, by david sedaris. if you haven’t read it, it ended up in Dress Your Family in Denim and Corduroy, it’s hilarious- about strip poker. i always find sedaris’ acute self awareness in childhood to be kind of surprising. i feel like he must fictionalize it a bit.

so anyway, first, here is my original sketch:

and this this is the final line art:

you can only see that one fold guide (which actually shouldn’t be there, oops!) but the folds are basically the same, so you get the idea. and the title and author will be in the same font style: hand done. also the cards are bee playing cards, so they will have checkers on the back. i’m not going to lie and say that i didn’t make that decision because it would be easier, because i did.

also because i like bees.

but now i’m spent. good night moon.

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personal viewpoint:

personal viewpoints is the workshop class offered ever spring semester in my illustration program. it’s usually taught by a visiting illustrator, but this year they gave it to zina saunders because she was doing such a great job as one of the newest members of the staff. she set up a website for us here

the second and third assignments for our personal viewpoints workshop are vice and virtue, i decided to do something sequential wrath and mercy.

this is where wrath stands as of right now (the version on zina’s sight is little different):

i actually decided to recolor the image, my issues were in the original shading and rendering, i started it over almost a half a dozen times and still wasn’t happy on the the due date. these are just the flat colors, which i prefer.

and then this is the unrefined drawing for virtue:

finals of both next week!

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in medias res:

this is something like a documentation of my life from the second semester of my junior year and on.

ready, set, go!

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