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more inclusive bittersweets

Hey all,

As promised, here is a more inclusive post with all seven pieces that I did for the Drink Philly show in November.  (One of my many new years resolutions is to be more on top of things, blog included)

These were all conceived in a brainstorming session among friends- some sound more delicious and appealing to me than others- some I just really liked the wordplay.

Some are a little tongue in cheek.

And some were just plain fun to draw!

All in all, it was a really great show- and I look forward to showing with them again in the future.  Once I recover from the holidays and get my new work space put together.  I’m also really looking forward to seeing what Drink Philly’s got in store for us this month.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

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Bitter Sweets

I’ll make a more inclusive post soon- but I just wanted to get this up while it’s still fresh.  Last friday I was in a show with three of my best friends (April Kuhn, Jeremy Goodfellow, and Linnea Vegh)

We showed with Drink Philly for another First Friday, but this time it felt a little more important because it was just the four of us and the show went over amazing!  The atmosphere was great, it was loud and crowded and exciting, I’m so proud of us!

Like I said, there will be plenty more pictures (maybe even some process shots), but for now, here are some great shots my sister snapped , and a little teaser.

Keep and eye out for the rest of my labels!

For now, I’m going to go continue to catch up on sleep.  Yes it’s been three whole days and I’m still back-logged.  I require a lot of beauty sleep.

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on an unrelated note

I recently finished a couple of things that I had started ages ago (one of which being over a year old..)
First, a failed tattoo design: if it were possible to have anything you want in any color, design, or size- I would have this:

Wishful tattoo thinking unfortunately (the size this would have to be is a little more of an investment than I’m ready for at this point in my tattoo life)

So instead I ended up having something a little more traditional done- still a small homage to my family’s pennsylvania dutch roots.

And Second, another piece for a little show.  Megan, who showed at Drink Philly last month, organized the Melt show (the theme of food, by any interpretation of the imagination).  This piece was something that I had started right after I graduated (when I was still trying to force myself to stay artistically active, before I had my spirit broken..) and by luck it fit the theme- so I took a minute to sit down and finally finish the thing.

I think it came out alright- and by alright, I mean awesome.

I’ve got another show coming up in the fall- so keep an eye out for some fun in-progress updates and book makings.. should be interesting!

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I’ve got a little more new work to share.  I’m starting a new project as we speak- I’m finally going to try and tackle another carousel book, a big project for me, but we’ll talk about that later.  First, let me tell you all about the show I participated in for the last First Friday.

Drink Philly opened up their office for the first time as a gallery space and invited the public in for beer sampling and pretty pictures.  It was a little bit of a melting pot show with a couple of fine art painters (Megan Coonelly and Brit Miller) and a photographer (Jimmy Lin) and two illustrators (April Kuhn and myself).  It went over really great, was massively attended (see below), and was a lot of fun!

Hopefully we’ll be working with them again and participating in more shows in their space.  It also served as great motivation for me who, post-college, has been having a lot of trouble getting my act together.

And here are the two new pieces I created for the show.  I used the same techniques as I did in my last post (that piece was also in the show).  It’s very involved and not totally practical, but I think the effect is really interesting and it also serves as a tool to get me more into the project (I love cutting and pasting and playing with paper!)

Because I’m so proud of it, here’s the drawing construct first:

At the time, because the drawing/cutouts/shadows were relatively complex I kept the colors pretty simple…  Looking at it now, I kind of want to either redo the piece, or go back in and spend some more time with the painting aspect.  We’ll see….

And here’s the other piece that I did, which turned out to be my favorite.. even though it had the most involved and annoying process.  I ended up drawing everything on different layers of layout bond, which I photographed separately and digitally composed (because layout bond is too thin to make the 3D constructs out of- hence the annoying rippling that I encountered in the first piece), then I printed the drawings, drew back over them to get good, thick, textured lines, and then I cut, composed, and took the final photos.  A lot of fuss, but I think totally worth it because I kind of love how it came out.

It’s definitely the best 3D effect I’ve gotten so far- and it carried through really well to the final product.  Probably has a lot to do with the nature of the drawing, the fact that it’s kind of in an empty space (no real perspective to deal with), but this is still a learning process so we’ll have to see what interesting new road blocks I run into with the next piece!

Thanks for looking, and the next time I’m in a show, maybe I’ll actually give some notice, invite some people, and we can bust the seams out of that gallery!

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new work!!!

took me long enough….

tried a new approach this time around- i like cutting out and building stuff :]

started out  with a flat sketch.. by the time i had figured out all the layers and overlapping parts it was mighty confusing, but i figured it apart onto separate layers of layout bond and then used my bookarts prowess and made a little cut-out diorama (similar to how i would construct a carousel book).  i used a shoebox and everything!  the photo above was a test shot… obviously this technique will require some further tweaking in future projects…

my one major disappointment was that once i started to add the flat colors it lost a lot of the really cool 3D effect from the layers and photography :/

but i think the final made a lovely comeback, and i totally love it!  again, i’m going to be doing some major tweaking and experimentation with my next project- i don’t like the wobbly lines (a product of the paper buckling when i tried to avoid having to actually crease it…)

so we’ll see where this goes- maybe i should just make a whole book next time!  (that might be a lot bit of a project for me right now- being all rusty as i am- but we’ll see)

thanks for looking!!  i promise to update again soon (i actually have to now or april will kick my ass!)


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here’s a little character study i did for a comic project i’m working on for christine.  there’s one other character in it- but i’m not crazy about the drawing of him, he looks so much more stuffy and snarky-type gay than i meant for him to.


this is kevin- the picure doesn’t say much about him- but the comic is taking place in a good part of his timeline, so he’s just standing in as a superficial character.  i have a few short stories about him, things don’t always go well for him.  actually, things don’t really go well in the comic- but it’s not a tragedy or anything.   there’s ice cream.

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